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Contains alot of Fanart and RP related drawings--generally seen in doodle form or WIP. With the occassional friend pimpin' and reblogs of some random freebie giveaway.

If you do repost, kindly credit properly. :)
Moving Accounts

What the title says

I won’t be deleting this account because memories and hey first tumblr account from 2009 + storage for old art shit but I won’t be updating this as much as I used to.


FREE Sailor charms up for pre-order!
Can bought individually or as a whole bundleBundle purchase has a Kisumi Charm as a freebie!

EDIT what the Kisumi charm looks like
FREE Sailor charms up for pre-order!
Can bought individually or as a whole bundleBundle purchase has a Kisumi Charm as a freebie!
First time making acrylic charms * q */ These YowaPedal babies are up for pre-order at my storenvy until the 4th of September! 
Reblogs are loved //// thank you!! <3
Oyasumi Punpun
Katrina from Romancing Saga 3 
blespurr: aaaAAH HELLO!! thank u for being super lovely at ozine and stuff hehe when we (my buds and i hehe) went up to your booth we all actually figured you might've forgotten us or something and we were all kinda shy to ask if you ~*remembered us ;o; but you were super lovely and we were all super touched that you did!! hihi thank you for the cute sticker and the pins!! we hope to see u soon!! :D hope you had fun too!!!

HEY HEY!! aww man, actually I thought you guys didnt remember me so I was reluctant at first to speak up but I’m glad I did! It was awesome seeing you guys again in cons after so long <333

OHHH thank you as well for stopping by the booth /// Yeah, see you guys again in the future cons! ^ q ^ /

juwelou: hi hello i am the person who bought 3 pairs of samumenco stickers during ozine ;u; you guys are great (and rly friendly wow) <3 <3 i rly like your art its amazing QoQ

Oh hey there!! Thanks for stopping by the booth and buying the stickers T v T <3

I was really happy and I hope you had a good time too around the con (despite the crowd) DFSDGSDS THANK YOU SO MUCH /// Hope to see you in future cons yo! O v O / 

Anonymous: hi um,, i bought some pins and a print from you during ozine,, i just wanted to say that your art is hella rad bye

fdsghjfgdjgjHGJHGFJSHGFJSHFSD F /////


gigapausehasended: huwat up i saw u at ozine and bought one of your works i love your art ahhhhhh it was sooo good thank u for being at ozine since i probably wont find ur awesome art without it

hello hello!! haha thank you as well for stopping by the booth  and buying some stuff _(:3/ L)_ I’m really grateful //// <333

I hope you enjoyed (the really crowded lol) Ozine!! 

spoopy-dettsu: OMG YOU WERE THE ONE WHO MADE THE SAMUMENCO STICKERSSSS i thought they seemed familiar when i saw them on storenvy ;u; I couldn't go to Ozine last weekend, so my friend went and bought like 3 pairs of stickers omgomgomg I love your art, dude!! <3

OH HELLO! Yes I remember your friend and told me that too “I have friends who like this so I’ll buy 3 pairs for them” haha //

Thanks so much _(:3/ L)_ I hope you enjoy the stickers lmao

Anonymous: I kept on searching for you earlier but I can't find you :((((, I wanted to buy some of your stuff (>A>;;)

Q 7 Q fgdshjfgds oh darn my friends and I were located at the right side of the stage area huhu i’m gomen bb //pats ur back fdfhsjgfhjs


Hello to those who commissioned me for trads to be shipped or painted works during Ozine Fest day 3, kindly contact me through the contact details or pm me here because my phone malfunctioned and lost all my commissioner contacts 

Sorry for the hassle guys and I hope you guys see this ;;;